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This Woman's 'Floating' Eyeliner Trick Is Perfect For Chinitas

Why didn't we think of this before?
PHOTO: Instagram/workingwithmonolids

If you're born with monolids, you know the struggle of putting eyeliner on. You're aware of the smudging and the almost impossible task of evening out the wings. But thanks to a genius tip shared on Reddit, it seems that we've got the ultimate hack to perfect feline flicks.

Instead of drawing close to the upper lash line, Francesca Tanmizi placed a thick line near the middle of the lid. While the line appears "floating" when her eyes are closed, it looks flawless with her peepers open.

Francesca explained to Marie Claire how she came up with the trick: "'Normal' lining methods don't work for my eyes, I kept testing different methods until I stumbled on this one. When I first tried it out, I thought it would just be a fun look I'd never wear regularly, but after a while, I started liking this as my regular lining style."

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Check out her other versions of 'floating' eyeliner:

A smoked out flick

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An intense winged liner

Francesca's trick is so clever, we're bummed that we haven't thought of the hack before!

H/t: MarieClaire

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