10 'Fresh Lang' Celebrity Makeup Pegs To Help You Breeze Through Your Busy Morning

These looks are super easy!
PHOTO: (left) instagram/bernardokath; (right) instagram/iamsofiaandres

Committing to a minimal makeup routine doesn't have to feel like a downgrade. You just have to find a MOTD that enhances your features to make you look fresher than you did 10 minutes ago. It'll take a few tries, but when you get there, you'll ~breeze~ right through your hectic morning.

To start, check out these 10 fresh-faced snaps from celebrities below, plus some of our tips to make them your own.

  1. Sofia Andres

    In a rush? You can cop Sofia Andres' go-to flushed look with just one product (It's lip and cheek tint!) in under five minutes.

  2. Barbie Imperial

    When she's doing her own makeup, Barbie Imperial gives her lips a pop of color to add a subtle statement to her minimal glam.

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  3. Kathryn Bernardo

    Applying a touch of warm-toned blush on her cheeks is Kathryn Bernardo's secret to an instantly sun-kissed face.

  4. Jess Wilson

    Jess Wilson's glow is one you can recreate with just skincare (a face oil or a hydrating sunscreen will do the trick) or a few swipes of cream highlighter on the high points of your face.

  5. Lovi Poe

    To save time while traveling, get a fresh pair of lash extensions like Lovi Poe before your flight to shorten your makeup routine overseas.

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  6. Anne Curtis

    You don't need to lounge under the sun for that summer glow. Draw on some faux freckles instead, and it'll freshen up your complexion without the UV damage.

  7. Bea Alonzo

    Your red lipstick isn't only for parties and special occasions. It can serve you well as a stain, too, if you apply just enough to give your pout a strong flush.

  8. Catriona Gray

    If you're going for a true "no makeup" look, try skipping lipstick and opting for a tinted balm to make it much more realistic.

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  9. Andrea Brillantes

    Minimal makeup doesn't always mean neglecting the eyes. For one, take cues from Andrea Brillantes and draw a cat eye with a pencil liner or brown eyeshadow to softly define your orbs.

  10. Heart Evangelista

    Everyone knows that Heart Evangelista swears by eyelash extensions for looking camera-ready all the time, but she has another secret: An overlined nude pout that she fills in with a glossy lipstick.

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