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5 Beauty Trends Gabbi Garcia Is Always Wearing

The top looks you can take inspo from!

Whether she's going au naturel with her makeup or sporting a full-on glam face, Gabbi Garcia never fails to bring her A-game when it comes to beauty—she always appears fresh and youthful. If you want to cop that same vibe, check out her best looks below! 

Natural kilay 

Instagram brows, what? Gabbi always opts for bushy brows that don't look like they've been drawn on with a marker. 

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Nude lips 

While she looks gorgeous when sporting a more colorful lip (like red, brown, or mauve), Gabbi always goes back to the classic nude to pull her look together. 

Warm lids

Cool-toned eyeshadows are great, but warm lids will always give your peepers that soft, summer glow in just one swipe! In short, it's the perfect eye look for tamad girls.

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A subtle highlight 

Gabbi looks glowing even without makeup; but when she needs to amp it up for a special occasion, don't expect her to look like a disco ballsubtle and soft is her go-to when it comes to highlighting the various points of her face!

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Lots of lashes  

Obviously, because who wouldn't want to have thick, long lashes?

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