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Genius Ways To Use An Oil Control Sheet

You can use it on your scalp!

So you put on too much cream blush? There’s actually a quick fix for that, and it doesn’t even involve makeup remover.

First, let the product sit on your skin for a few seconds. Then, take a sheet of oil control paper and pat it on the area to sheer out the product. You’ll be left with a natural looking flush on your cheeks! This trick will also work for cream bronzer, concealer, and even foundation.

Ladies, your trusty oil control paper isn’t just good for getting rid of excess shine on your face. Here, three more ways you can get the most out of your kikay kit staple:

1. Refresh your roots. If you notice your roots showing evidence of second day hair, take a sheet of your oil-control paper and use it to get rid of grease on your crown.

2. Prep your skin for a touch-up. Before you apply more powder on your oily t-zone, use an oil control sheet first! Once all the shine and oil is gone, go ahead and do a touch up—your powder will stay on longer.

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3. Make your lipstick last longer. Line and fill in your lips with a lip pencil that closely matches your lipstick of choice. After applying the first layer of lipstick, blot your puckers using your oil control sheet—now you have instantly matte lips.

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