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Get Over Your Ex With These 6 Gorgeous Lipstick Shades

Put on some lipstick and just forget about him, girl.
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Raise your hands if you agree: There’s nothing like a tube of bold lipstick to help nurse a broken heart.

Wearing lipstick is just the thing to make you feel confident, empowered, and ready to face the world. You may never be able to count on your ex again, but you can always rely on a brilliant red shade or a pretty pink color to give you a much-needed boost.

Here are the shades that can help you shake off the breakup blues and get your mojo back. Happy swiping!

Dusky Pink

The compliments will come rolling in—exactly as you need them—when you wear this warm pink shade. Perfect for shopping sprees and weekend brunches with the girls, it will add a vibrant pop of color to your pout, and help turn your frown into a smile.

Velvety Nude

A breakup won’t excuse you from long hours spent at work. On those weekdays when you’re particularly feeling dismal, line your lips—and boost your confidence—with this subtle but sexy shade. Wear it with a double coating of mascara and some peach blush to help bring back the old you your colleagues have long admired.

Classic Red

The day will come when you will wake up and tell yourself, “I. Will. Be. Okay.” On this day, when you’re feeling invincible, unflappable, and completely optimistic about the future, paint your lips a bright, eye-popping red. Wear it loud and proud. Wear it as part of your celebratory dance. Wear it because you want to look and feel good. It's for yourself and nobody else.

Rosy Nude

Ideally, you need to cut off all ties with your ex. But sometimes, you need to sort out a few issues, have some sort of closure, or perhaps get back stuff you may have left at his place. If you really do need to see him, this your-lips-but-better shade of pink is a great way to look put-together without making him think that you made an effort just for this meeting (even if you did).

Deep Crimson

Once you're ready to take on the world again, you'll want to swipe on a super sultry dark red lippie. Let everyone know you’re back in the game! Black eyeliner, flicked out just so, strappy heels, and a spritz of your favorite fragrance will complete your look.

Soft Pink

This is it. You’re going on your first post-breakup date. You wouldn’t want anything too flashy, but you also wouldn't want anything lackluster. Go for a fresh and natural makeup look that includes softly lined eyes, sheer blush, and a soft pink lip.

Find these essential post-breakup lipstick shades from the BYS Luxe Lips Ultra Matte Lipstick line. Recognized as the Best Matte Lipstick at Cosmo Beauty Awards 2019, it's available in 12 shades. Plus, its highly pigmented, non-drying formula will flatter your lips and stick around for a while—even if your ex won’t.

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