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Products To Try When You Can't Get The Glossier Cloud Paints

See the results of our ~*research*~.

Here at the Cosmo HQ, editors are into anything by Glossier. In fact, we usually ask our balikbayan relatives and friends from New York and Los Angeles to get items for us. The US-based brand is the brainchild of Emily Weiss, the founder of beauty website, Into The Gloss. They specialize in creating products for the everyday girl—one who is into simple, low-maintenance routines, but still aims to enhance her natural features. 


One of their OG products we (and the rest of the internet) can't get enough of is their Cloud Paint line. These babies are Glossier's line of cream blushes, and as the name suggests, they deliver soft, diffused hues on the cheeks.

The Cloud Paint comes in six shades:

  • Puff - cool-toned baby pink
  • Beam - light peach
  • Dusk - brownish nude
  • Dawn - bright coral
  • Haze - deep berry 
  • Storm - warm-toned rose
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They cost $18 (P930.73) per 10ml tube, and they are sold in the US and UK boutiques, and available online in select countries. There are a bunch of resellers here in the Philippines who offer them at padded prices, but if you're willing to settle for locally available Glossier Cloud Paint alternatives, here are our more affordable recommendations:

BLK Cosmetics Creamy Cheek Paint in Candy Cane = Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff

Shade comparison: Puff and Candy Cane can pass off as sisters! Getting the BLK one will be a practical decision.

Formula difference: BLK has the same silky texture of Glossier, but in liquid form. It's more pigmented than the Cloud Paint so you need only a little to cover both cheeks.

BLK Cosmetics Creamy Cheek Paint in Candy Cane, P399, Glorietta


Clio Pro Tinted Veil Blusher in #4 Match Maker = Glossier Cloud Paint in Beam

Shade comparison: Match Maker is a mix of apricot and coral, while Beam has pure peach pigment. 

Formula difference: The Clio Pro Tinted Veil Blusher is creamier and has a thicker consistency than the Glossier Cloud Paint. Apply the Clio Pro Tinted Veil Blusher in light layers to get the same diffused effect as Cloud Paint.


Clio Pro Tinted Veil Blusher, Robinsons Galleria

Skinpotions Dream Cream in Scarlett = Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk

Shade comparison: We thought it would be hard to find the perfect match for Dusk, but the Skinpotions Dream Cream in Scarlett mimics the exact same hue! The local version does not scrimp on pigment so be careful when applying it on your face.

Formula difference: Cloud Paint gives your cheeks a fresh, hydrated look when applied. But if you prefer a matte flush, Dream Cream is for you. The pigmented lip and cheek mousse seamlessly blends on your skin and dries down to a non-drying, velvety finish.


Skinpotions Dream Cream in Scarlett, P249, Skinpotions

Vice Cosmetics Water Gel Lip and Cheek Tint in Paberjin = Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze

Shade comparison: Haze is a deeper berry hue in contrast with the vivid Bordeux color of Paberjin.

Formula difference: While the Vice Cosmetics Lip and Cheek tint has a watery formula, Glossier’s is creamier and richer. Vice also comes with an applicator, as opposed to Cloud Paint’s squeezable tube, which makes it easier to get the right amount of product needed for both cheeks and lips.


Vice Cosmetics Water Gel Lip and Cheek Tint in Paberjin, P145, Watsons

Colourette Colourtint in Dionne = Glossier Cloud Paint in Dawn

Shade comparison: Dionne comes as a close dupe of Dawn. Both are bright coral, and the slight difference is Colourette's version has a slight hint of red.

Formula difference: Colourette's formula is more long-lasting than Glossier's, and especially suits those with oily skin. You just need a tiiiiny amount because the product is extremely pigmented.

Colourette Colourtint in Dione, P249, Lazada


Pixi Multibalm in Wild Rose = Glossier Cloud Paint in Storm

Shade comparison: Storm is a tawny rose blush, and the Pixi Multibalm in Wild Rose hits the right hint of warmth!

Formula difference: The stick formula lets you easily control the amount of product you apply, vs. Glossier's cream-in-a-tube that might make it a messier application.

Pixi Multibalm in Wild Rose, P695, Watsons


Are you into Glossier too but are in search of locally available dupes? Let us know in the comments what else you want to ~investigate~ so you won't have to wait for balikbayan deliveries!

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