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Colored Concealers For Beginners

Green for pimples, orange for eye bags.

Concealers are heaven-sent. They come in all shades and can hide anything and everything you don’t want to show.

Sure, you have your go-to brightening concealer by now, but it does pay to invest in color correcting concealers to bid all your skin problems goodbye.

Don’t be intimidated by the green and purple tones—the logic behind them is actually really simple! You see, colors that appear opposite of each other on the color wheel neutralize each other. Red is placed opposite of green, as is yellow to violet, and orange to blue.

Keep reading, as we give you tips and tricks so you’ll never have to worry about that galit na galit pimple and OA sa dark under-eye area ever again!


Green concealers are perfect if you want to hide a giant zit, because the color can neutralize your acne's redness. So if you have rosacea (that's when you have enlarged facial blood vessels, causing redness), this color is a lifesaver.


With a clean finger or Q-tip, dab on green concealer on the area and blend. Then use a flesh-colored concealer or foundation over it.


Lavender or lilac-toned concealers are used to brighten dull areas. They also neutralize yellow-toned bruises.

Dab your purple concealer on your problem area and blend with a sponge.


Orange sits opposite of blue in the color wheel, meaning this color works perfectly well in concealing those annoying blue and purple under-eye areas. Other orange concealers can even hide tattoos.

Try: Make Up For Ever 5-Camouflage Palette Cream P2,400. 


For olive or darker complexions, use a yellow concealer to brighten dull areas, particularly under the eyes and on sun spots. It’s also great to hide those pink areas found around the nose and on the chin.

Try: Happy Skin Eye Need A Miracle Concealer P699.

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Soft pink concealers help brighten up your eye bags better than your usual skin-toned ones. Try dabbing near the inner corner of your eye and you’ll look more awake.

Try: Happy Skin Eye Need A Miracle Corrector, P799.

Additional Tips

When picking colored concealers, remember to consider the depth of the colors. If you have tanned skin, get concealers that are a bit darker; not pastel. Remember to finish off with foundation. Then seal with powder to keep makeup in place.

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