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Don't Wear Makeup To The Gym, But If You MUST, Use These Products

Only if it's an absolute necessity!

Skin experts have agreed: Wearing heavy makeup to the gym can screw up your skin. It creates a layer that interferes with your skin’s respiration when sweating, and prevents sebum and sweat from leaving the skin, which could easily result in acne, skin irritation, and bacteria.

But we understand the need to look good for your hot gym crush, CGs! If you really can’t keep your face bare for your next workout, here’s a list of gym-friendly beauty products you can use:

1. Water-based moisturizer. After cleansing your face, apply a light, water-based moisturizer or skin conditioner to hydrate your skin. Oil-based products will just trap the sweat under your makeup.

2. Tinted moisturizer or sunscreen. They offer light moisture and some coverage for your imperfections. Forget the heavy foundation as it will only clog up your pores when you break a sweat.

3. Mineral makeup. If you really can’t help but wear makeup, choose mineral. They contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that won’t clog your skin. Just make sure you aren’t one of those girls who are allergic to mineral makeup or you’re better off bare. As for touching up, resist the urge to powder your nose between sets or you’ll get a gunky face. There’s nothing wrong with a natural, glowing sheen at the gym. Just blot off the sweat and shine with your clean, personal towel or blotting paper.

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4. Powder blush. It’s best to leave your cheeks bare because you will get a natural flush during and after your workout. But if you’d like to add color to your cheeks prior to exercise, a light sweep of peach or pink powder blush will do.

5. Lip and cheek stain. An alternative to lipstick and blush is a lip and cheek stain. It gives you a hint of color without the heaviness of regular makeup. Tinted lip balm is also a good option.

6. Medicated concealer. If all you’re conscious of is one zit or a few blemishes, then go for a concealer with acne-clearing ingredients. Heal and conceal at the same time.

7. Waterproof mascara. The only gym-friendly eye makeup we can recommend is good quality waterproof mascara, which won’t run down your cheeks even after a hot yoga class.

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