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Halloween Masquerade Makeup Inspirations

Still looking for ideas on who to go as for your costume party? Get imaginative ideas from MAC.
Halloween is a good excuse as any to take partying to the next level, as it encourages us to dress up, glam up, and be as creative as possible in putting together a unique getup. If you’re ever the crammer and have put off picking your look for the themed parties you’ve RSVP-ed for 'til the last minute, here are some ideas to get you started.

Go over MAC's cool and sometimes even creepy inspirations created by various MAC makeup artists all over the world. Then instead of spending on costly costume (that we’re guessing you’ll never wear again anyway), why not experiment with your makeup for a full fright (or glam) effect on the night of your party? Just get creative with your makeup for a unique DIY look! The secret lies in your very own boudoir: all you have to do is sift through your collection of makeup and take from MAC’s dramatic Halloween looks, which you can view in the gallery.

Tip: MAC is known for its highly-pigmented makeup, so these looks would really work best if you use your MAC products. For more tips on how to recreate your chosen fantasy look, click here to view the demo video.158
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