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Your First Look At Happy Skin's New Disney Princess Makeup Collection

PHOTO: Mixi Ignacio

The Disney makeup collaborations just keep coming! Happy Skin is at it again with another Disney Princess collection! This time around, the royal squad isn't wearing gowns and tiaras. Belle, Rapunzel, Elsa, Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan, and Aurora are in laid-back outfits and show their playful, relatable side. The packaging reflects the Disney x Happy Skin Collection's main game: Fun, easy, and comfortable. Scroll below for all the details on the 19-piece limited edition collection, as well as our reviews!

What is the Disney x Happy Skin Collection?

Disney x Happy Skin is a 19-piece limited edition collection that is unlike anything the local brand has released before. ICYDK, they released a Disney Princess line back in 2016, where the packaging showcased the characters staying true to their original personalities. This time, Belle, Rapunzel, Elsa, Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan, and Aurora are embracing new looks in 2019.


Each Disney Princess can be seen showing her playful and adventurous side together with Vanellope von Schweetz from Ralph Breaks the Internet:

The collection's chic designs portray the princesses going on adventures, and being fun and fearless. It's comprised of Moisturizing Matte Lip Clicks, Vivid Cotton Lip Mousses, Cooling Lip Glosses, Multi-Use Mousse Makeup, Perfect Eyes Trio, and Express Gel Polishes.

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The complete Happy Skin x Disney Modern Princesses Collection! Mixi Ignacio

Here's the complete price list of the Disney x Happy Skin Collection:

  • Moisturizing Matte Lip Click (comes in four shades), P649
  • Vivid Cotton Lip Mousse (comes in four shades), 649
  • Cooling Lip Gloss (comes in two shades), P599
  • Multi-Use Mousse Makeup (comes in two shades), P799
  • Perfect Eyes Trio, P899
  • Express Gel Polish (comes in three colors), P349


Moisturizing Matte Lip Click

The Happy Skin Moisturizing Matte Lip Click comes in four shades and costs P649 each. Mixi Ignacio

The Moisturizing Matte Lip Click is Happy Skin's famous matte lippie formula but in a cooler and newer packaging. As the name suggests, you only need one click to dispense enough product to color your pout in vivid and long-lasting hues. The formula is lightweight and hydrating so your lips will never feel heavy and look dry.


It comes in four different shades of nudes and MLBBs: 1) Belle, a warm coral; 2) Jasmine, a nude mauve; 3) Rapunzel, a classic rose nude; 4) Ariel, a cool-toned rose.

Left to right (clockwise): Moisturizing Matte Lip Click in Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Rapunzel Mixi Ignacio

Vivid Cotton Lip Mousse

The Happy Skin Vivid Cotton Lip Mousse comes in four shades and costs 599 each. Mixi Ignacio

The Vivid Cotton Lip Mousse is a smooth and lightweight formula that gives lips a soft, stained, powder-like finish. The product is dispensed through a ~*cushion tip*~ (The first of its kind from Happy Skin!) to allow you to evenly color your pout. The cushion tip also makes it easy for you to do the K-beauty-approved blurred lip trend!

It comes in four shades: 1) Aurora; a warm-toned nude; 2) Elsa, a warm brown nude; 3) Snow White, a bright red; 4) Cinderella, a dusty rose color.

Left to right (clockwise): Vivid Cotton Lip Mousse in Aurora, Elsa, Cinderella, Snow White Mixi Ignacio

Cooling Lip Gloss

The Happy Skin Cooling Lip Gloss comes in two shades and costs 599 each. Mixi Ignacio

Gloss is back, CGs! Disney x Happy Skin's Cooling Lip Glosses are pigmented, non-sticky, and non-glittery. The formula of the product smoothly coats the lips and delivers a clean, glass-like finish to refresh and plump up your pout.


It comes in two shades: 1) A Whole New World, a muted brown; 2) Under the Sea, a rose pink

Left to right: Cooling Lip Gloss in A Whole New World, Under the Sea Mixi Ignacio

Multi-Use Mousse Makeup

(Top to Bottom) Nap Queen and BFF Multi-Use Mousse Makeup Mixi Ignacio

The Happy Skin Multi-Use Mousse Makeup is a one-product-does-all compact. The bouncy texture feels velvety on the skin, and is easy to blend, too! It's huge, so we're pretty sure this is a sulit purchase.

It comes in two shades: 1) Nap Queen, a reddish pink you can use on your eyes, lips, and cheeks for a pretty monochromatic look; 2) BFF, a champagne hue that will make both your face and body ~glow~.

Check out what the Multi-Use Mousse Makeup in Nap Queen and BFF look like on the eyelids, cheeks, and lips! Mixi Ignacio

Perfect Eyes Trio

The Happy Skin Perfect Eyes Trio has everything you need to fill in your brows and add color to your eyelids. Mixi Ignacio

The Mulan Perfect Eyes Trio will save you time: It has a trident-shaped felt tip pen to help you draw feathery strokes on your arches, a brow pencil to fill in sparse areas, and a matte peachy brown eyeshadow to add a wash of color on the lids. It claims to have a long-wearing, smudge-proof, and sweatproof formula.

Here's what the liquid brow pen and angled brow pencil look like when worn together, and what the matte peach eyeshadow looks like on the lids. Mixi Ignacio

Express Gel Polish

(Left to Right) Happy Skin Express Gel Polish in Slipper, Mirror, and Slumber. Mixi Ignacio

The Disney x Happy Skin Express Gel Polish has a quick-drying, non-toxic, vegan formula. It has a shiny, gel polish-like finish. There are three shades: 1) Slumber, a pretty light pink; 2) Slipper, a multidimensional glitter color that will look beautiful in any light; 3) Mirror, a classic nude brown.

Read our review on the Disney x Happy Skin Collection here:

Products tested: Multi-Use Mousse Makeup

First impressions: I was more than game to try the Happy Skin Multi-Use Mousse Makeup. I'm a fan of multi-use makeup because I hate bringing a heavy kikay kit every day. BFF is a subtle highlighter—which is the opposite of what I'm used to. I love glaring, seen-from-space strobing products, so I wasn't sure if I loved its low-key shimmer. But, I think it will be great for girls who are into the glowing no-makeup look.

On the other hand, Nap Queen seemed like an overall winner for me. First, its name resonates with me (LOL), and the bright color is right up my alley. It helped me achieve a full face of makeup (colored lids, drunk blush, and a stained lip) in less than five minutes. It's perfect for travel and every day.


Favorite product/s: I know I will be using Nap Queen a lot, especially on days when I'm rushing to get ready. I can look more presentable with just one product! I'm also a big fan of colored eyeshadow, and I'm satisfied that I can score pink lids without using a brush.

Overall experience: Because I was impressed by Nap Queen's color and multi-use qualities, I will recommend it to my friends—both makeup junkies and low-maintenance girls.

Products tested: Perfect Eyes Trio, Moisturizing Matte Lip Click, Vivid Cotton Lip Mousse

First impressions: I love, love, LOVE the packaging! One look and I was instantly sold on the collection. I liked how these products incorporated both classic Happy Skin formulas and colors with new innovations (like the click packaging and cushion tip). When it came to the products' formulas, though, I wasn't completely convinced.

While everything looked stunning, I found that from what I tested, they didn't all perform the same. Some were highly pigmented, while there were others I had to reapply a few times to get the amount of color I desired. I guess it really depends on the shades, too!


My favorites to use were the Vivid Cotton Lip Mousse and the Perfect Eyes Trio. The former applied like a dream on my lips and quickly dried down to a natural and soft matte finish. It was like my lips were born to look like that no matter what color I wore (Even the bright red!). The latter easily drew hair-like strokes on my arches. I even found it super easy to use the liquid pen with a trident-shaped felt tip! As for the Moisturizing Matte Lip Click, I liked the concept and the design, but I found the formula super drying on my lips. The teardrop shape of the lipstick made it difficult to reach the small areas of my lips, too. But it might just be the shape of my puckers! We all have different preferences for lipstick formulas and shapes anyway.

Favorite product/s: I keep going back to the Vivid Cotton Lip Mousse in Cinderella and Elsa, and the Perfect Eyes Trio. Cinderella and Elsa are beautiful nude shades that complement my medium skin tone, plus the cushion applicator is so cute and fits the curves of my lips perfectly. For the Perfect Eyes Trio, the liquid pen was game-changing. I never thought a trident tip would make a difference but filling in my brows has gotten easier because of it! I only apply the brow pencil after if I feel some areas look kalbo. The peach matte eyeshadow is not the best, it looked patchy on my lids, but it's something I'd still continue to use if I can't be bothered to bring a separate eyeshadow product/palette with me!


Overall experience: I love this collection! Even if I wasn't 100 percent into some of the products, I still enjoyed wearing them and taking them out of my bag—I mean, the designs and mechanisms are super fun and gorg.

Products tested: Cooling Lip Gloss

First impressions: TBH, I don't use lip gloss often, but because I am 100 percent riding the Aladdin wave rn, I instantly reached for A Whole New Worldand it was better than a magic carpet ride. My lips are slightly discolored, but a few swipes of this stuff and my pout has never looked better. Also, the gloss felt slightly minty, which gave my lips a much-needed vacay from this heat.

When it comes to the lip gloss' other shade, Under the Sea, I loved it, too. For lipsticks, I tend to reach for the darker shades (yes, like black), so this color was completely new to me. But I loved this gloss because it gave my puckers LIFE. Not only does it glide on like a freaking dream, but it also makes my lips look plumper. Who wouldn't want to kiss the girl? ;)


Favorite product/s: Cooling Lip Gloss in A Whole New World

Overall experience: I'm not a lip gloss user or lover, but Happy Skin's formula has changed my life. It wasn't sticky, didn't have one speck of glitter, and while it didn't last long, it left a chic stain on my puckers!

Is the Disney x Happy Skin Collection worth buying?

From the cute packaging, wearable shades, and amazing quality—what's not to love about this collection? Aside from the pieces now being part of our everyday makeup staples, the Disney x Happy Skin line is something we'll be proud to show off months and years from now (because once we run out, we're obviously saving the packaging). Go get yourself a piece or two of this collection!

* * *

The Disney x Happy Skin Collection is available for PRE-SELLING exclusively on LAZADA from June 5 to 9, 2019. It will be available in all Happy Skin boutiques by June 7, 2019.


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