People Are Now Using Hard Boiled Eggs To Blend Their Makeup

This is not a yolk.
PHOTO: YouTube/PopLuxe

Forget bra inserts—the newest unconventional way to apply your makeup has officially arrived.

First discovered by beauty blogger Nadi (a.k.a., PopLuxe), hardboiled eggs make for surprisingly good makeup sponges. In a YouTube tutorial posted earlier this month, Nadi used an egg—shell peeled off—to blend his foundation, apply eyeshadow, and contour his face. Unexpectedly, the delicious hack actually worked and, when it started to crumble halfway through the tutorial, even provided him with a well-deserved snack.

"Oh my gosh, this is actually working really, really well," he said. "This kind of feels like a really cold SiliSponge but it smells like sewage, like eggs, so that's a turnoff—but it's actually doing a pretty good job."

"I really like how cold this is," he added. "It's like super refreshing, too!"

Inspired by his efforts, fellow beauty blogger Esther Gbudje (aka houseofsienna) also decided to give the hack a try this week, and got equally amazing results.

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"The egg did give me the flawless look I was going for, and it doesn't absorb any product at all," Gbudje told Allure. "After each application, I cleaned the egg with wipes before applying another product on my face, so I would say it worked for me."

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A healthy snack and an amazing way to apply my foundation? Sign me up.

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