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"Help! I Put Too Much Foundation On! What Do I Do?"

Grab a tissue and a moisturizer!

Q: “Whenever I do my makeup, I always end up putting way too much foundation. I got so embarrassed the other day because my boyfriend pointed it out for the first time. What do I do?”

A: First of all, give your boyfriend a hug for being honest about such a sensitive matter. It takes balls to talk to a girl about her makeup. He’s a keeper.

Now about the makeup! Take a one-ply facial tissue and pat it across your face, focusing on the areas that have the most product. Keep doing so until you’re happy with how it looks. If this tip isn’t working, try getting a light moisturizer and put it over your foundation to thin it out.

Foundation application can be really tricky, especially if you’re using full-coverage ones. I suggest opting for sheer to medium coverage foundations or BB Creams first. They’re not as scary to use and are definitely buildable.


As a rule of thumb, always start with a small amount of foundation. You can always go back and add more product if you want more coverage. Eventually, you’ll learn how much product you really need, so you’ll never have to waste foundation again. 

You might also want to reevaluate your process of application. Are you using the right tools? If you use a brush, make sure you’re using one with synthetic hair, as these hold and apply liquid and cream products better. If you use a sponge, do you blend it properly? The key to a flawless face is to have a well-blended base.

The same goes if you OD on cream blush and bronzer. If they’re too pigmented to be controlled with tissue, take a face brush or sponge loaded with a small amount of tinted moisturizer or foundation and buff it onto your cheeks. This should help sheer out the pigments.

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Lastly, do your makeup near a window or inside your car—anywhere where you can get natural light. The yellow or white lights inside your bathroom/bedroom can trick you into thinking your makeup is flawless and even, when in fact, it actually may be too thick!

TLDR? The key is to always start your makeup application with very little product and a light hand. Don't be scared of liquid and cream cosmetics! They are FABULOUS. They look incredibly natural and will last for hours. 

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