Here's A Quick Preview Of H&M's New Beauty Line!


In May it was revealed that H&M will be releasing a 700-piece beauty line, and we got super excited. Good-quality products for reasonable prices? SOLD!

Today, the brand’s latest products have been revealed to the public, and we honestly can’t wait for the day that they come to the Philippines.

Here’s what we know so far from Instagram:

1. They literally have everything. Primer! Eyeshadow! Liquid lipstick! False lashes! Brow Kit! EVERYTHING. Vogue also reports that their foundation line comes in 20 different shades, as they want to stay true to their promise of making beauty for everyone. 

2. Their nail polish selection is pretty insane.

3. Part of the new H&M Beauty are hair products! We're eyeing the sea salt spray and dry shampoo!

4. H&M has also produced beauty tools such as lash curlers and brushes.

5. Body lotions and scrubs in scents like “Haze, Caribbean Crush, and Midnight Muse” are also available.

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6. Are those face masks!? They sure look like face masks packaged neatly in small tubs!

7. Their makeup kits are sleek and chic, just the way we like them.

Fingers crossed they come to the country soon!

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