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Here's A Quick Reminder That You Can Wear Whatever Lipstick Color That You Want

It's all about confidence, ladies.

Buzzfeed produced this mesmerizing video of a model trying on different shades of lipsticks in under two minutes. And we’re not just talking about conventional pinks, nudes, and reds—we’re talking about the colors of the rainbow!

Didn’t she SLAY every single color she wore? Gorgeous!

We’re sharing this video with y’all to remind you that although there are beauty rules that we have to live by, it’s not a sin to break them once in a while.

Makeup is fun and it should always be fun. So it's totally up to YOU whether you want to wear green or yellow lipstick. The most important thing is to carry everything with confidence and class (also, kapal ng mukha!).

Choose you, do you—that’s what makeup is about, CGs.

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