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Here's How To Actually Get Kylie Jenner's Lips

You won't believe how easy it is.

Obsessed with a full pout? Yeah, we get you. That's because we've been stalking Kylie Jenner's Instagram account, and the reality TV star has totally perfected her lip game. So if you, too, want to score Kylie's pretty pout—sans surgery—y'all have to read this:

P.S. Still not convinced? There's an actual study that says men are more drawn to lips than any other facial feature.

1. Conceal your puckers

Start by applying concealer or foundation on your puckers. Making your lips appear lighter will help make them appear fuller.

2. Underline

Take your go-to nude lip pencil (make sure it’s sharpened) and create a line right under your lip line to create a shadow.

3. Overline

Do the same for your upper lip, and remember to follow the shape of your cupid’s bow. Take a cotton bud and soften out the edges to make it appear natural.

4. Go for nude


Take a nude lipstick that is lighter than your natural skin tone. Nude lipsticks will instantly make your lips appear fuller, because they highlight the area.

Not sure what type of nude will work for you? If you have pale lips, go for creams and pale pink nudes. Stay away from brown nudes, because they will wash you out. For pink or rosy lips, go for brown nudes or dark pinks. If you have naturally dark lips, your best bets are dark beige nudes.

5. Layer lip gloss

Take a nude lip gloss and apply it on the center part of your lips. This will highlight the fullest part of your puckers and make 'em look bigger.

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