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Here's How You Can Really Hide That Pimple


Use a primer
Dab on some primer on your problem area, because your makeup needs something to adhere to. A primer will also help keep your makeup from melting, so you don't have to worry about your zit showing up halfway through the day.

Cosmo Tip: Make sure you have clean hands and tools when you do this, You don’t want more dirt and bacteria on your skin.

Apply foundation before concealer
Make your foundation work for you—it can give coverage that your concealer can’t. 

Use the right kind of concealer
Take your trusty concealer and apply it on your pimple with a clean brush. Use a very light hand and start with very little product and build it up as you go on. (Check out our guide to color-correcting concealers here!) Don’t forget to blend. 

Set it
Keep your makeup in place by applying face powder in your natural skin color.

Get rid of it
If you wake up with a really painful zit one morning, it’s best to do some damage control ASAP. You have four options:

1. Apply salicylic acid.

2. Apply a mix of hydrocortisone cream (to reduce swelling and inflammation) and benzoyl peroxide cream (to get rid of the darn thing).

3. Apply warm green tea bags on the pimple. Green tea has antioxidant properties that will speed up the healing process. Plus, the warmth will help with blood circulation.

4. Use a trusty spot treatment. We like Human Nature's Acne Defense Solution Gel, P199.75, available at

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