Here's Why You Should Powder Your Lashes


Most Pinays have short lashes that tend to grow downwards and don’t hold a curl—even with mascara. Super hassle! To help make sure that you have extra long and flirty lashes, try this easy beauty hack:

Step 1
Curl your lashes and wiggle on a thin coat of mascara.

Step 2
Sprinkle a little baby powder on a tissue and dip a cotton swab into it.

Step 3
Use the cotton swab to apply the powder over your lashes. Be generous—your lashes should be totally covered with powder and turn white.

Step 4 
Finally, wiggle on another two to three coats of mascara from roots to tips. Your lashes should be blacker, longer, and super plump after that!

Enjoy batting those gorgeous lashes, CG!

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