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Here's Why Your Foundation Looks Chaka

This step is crucial.

Imagine this: you do your makeup so carefully before leaving the house. You put on foundation, concealer, set everything in, and finish your entire face before you rush to beat traffic. You get to the office, sit down on your desk, check yourself out in the mirror, and then freak out.

Your foundation looks horrible. It hasn’t melted—it’s still there, actually. It’s just there are splotches. And streaks. And you panic. WTF happened?

Honestly, it can be a lot of things: you used the wrong formula, the wrong brush, the list could go on and on.

Most of the time, however, it’s simply because you didn’t give your moisturizer enough time to set and be absorbed by your skin first. Just as we were taught to wait in between layers of skincare products, the same rule applies when moving on to makeup.

"Aside from dragging your foundation around, moisturizer can actually thin out your foundation, so it could alter the finish of it," says makeup artist Nicole Ceballos. "Plus, moisturizer can actually act like a primer. So let it sit for a while so you can layer your foundation nicely over it," she adds.

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There you have it. Patience is key, ladies!

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