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How Has The Kilay Evolved?

Now this is a history lesson you'll love.
PHOTO: YouTube/British Vogue

Women’s eyebrows have been through a lot. In the ‘20s, thin but perfectly penciled brows were all the rage. When the ‘40s came in, women started using Vaseline (petroleum jelly) to give their arches a lift, framing their faces just a little better. But when the ‘50s rolled in, icons such as Audrey Hepburn showed the world the beauty in thick, luscious brows.

Since then, brow trends have changed dramatically—from the unkempt arches in the ‘80s, to the almost non-existent kilay of the ‘90s, to the “superhero” bushy brows the age of social media glorifies today.

British Vogue came up with this informative video to give every brow-obsessed woman a crash course on the long history of our arches—press play and get ready for an education:

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