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Try These 3 Easy Ways To Draw A Winged Liner If You Have Hooded Eyes

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A winged liner, when done right, can help create the illusion of bigger eyes. It can be hard to achieve, however, if you have hooded lids. You know how after you do a beautifully blended eyeshadow look, you open your eyes to check it out on the mirror and the whole thing just seemingly disappears? That's when you know your lids are hooded.

Having hooded lids mean you have an "extra layer of skin that droops over the crease." If you do, it can be hard to apply liner or any kind of eye makeup, as the extra skin covers them once you open up your eyes. When you draw a wing, there's also a tendency for it to smudge (which is never a cute look!)

But, we stumbled upon this genius video by beauty YouTuber Smitha Deepak on three (!!!) ways you can apply your liner to create a cat-eye if you have hooded lids.

  1. The C-wing.

    Instead of closing your eye to draw your wing, look straight ahead in the mirror. You'll end up with a gap in the middle. Just simply look down, join the two points together, and color them in.

  2. "Fake it until you make it."

    When drawing your wings, avoid the folds completely so it doesn't distort your lines when you open your eyes. You may also opt to put on fake eyelashes to give the illusion of eyeliner applied close to your lash line.

  3. "Keep it small."

    Simply draw the wing and the liner within the borders of the fold. Your cat-eye will look the same even when your eyes are closed or open!

Watch the rest of Smitha's helpful tutorial here:

These 3 Easy WINGED EYELINERS FOR HOODED EYES are a must try!!

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