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This Fancy Mascara Is Missing One Very Important Feature—A Brush

It comes with a gold bristle-free wand instead.
PHOTO: Hourglass COsmetics

Correct us if we’re wrong, but aren’t mascaras essentially supposed to come with brushes? The folks at Hourglass Cosmetics don’t seem to think so! They devised a technologically enhanced upgrade to the kikay kit staple—a very expensive one at that.

This is the Curator Lash Instrument, and it is a bristle-free mascara wand that promises to coat every inch of your lashes. Because there are no brushes to get in the way (or poke your lids), the wand can get as close as possible to your lash line to evenly distribute product.

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According to Hourglass’ website, the wand has a stainless steel tip “double-cut at a 40° angle to deposit the perfect, most uniform amount of product without clumping.” It’s able to reach even the tiniest strands and create a natural tightlined effect. At $78, it doesn’t come cheap—especially once you learn that the price DOESN’T include the mascara formula. (Gasp!)

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See, the wand is just 1/3 of Hourglass’ Curator line. The two other products that make up the collection are the Realist Defining Mascara Formula and the Ascent Extended Wear Lash Primer. The former, which retails for $36, is the black inky substance we associate with the term “mascara.” The latter, on the other hand, is what you’re meant to apply first, “to provide dramatic lift and secure the curl of your lashes, while also adding length and volume.” Oh, and that’s another $36, FYI.

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All in all, that’s $150 (P6,994.76) down the drain for your lashes alone. Now, you’re probably dying to know. Can the mascara’s performance justify the hole-burning price tags? Jennifer Murlow at tested the set—read about her experience here.

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