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How To Do Your Makeup When It's Hot AF

Which is, like, every day.

Living in a country where it feels like it's summer all year round, we Pinays are masters at keeping our makeup melt-proof. But in case you’re new to makeup and still figuring out how to make sure your brows are still intact after you clock out at work, here are some tried-and-tested tips:

Cut down on the products

When it’s warmer, it’s best to minimize the amount of products that you put on your face. Instead of thick moisturizers, use water-based or gel types. Trade in your full-coverage foundations and opt for lightweight or cushion foundations. A full face of makeup will not cut it in hot weather.

Prime properly

If you want to prolong the wear of makeup, use primers. For your base, smooth on a primer that addresses your skin’s needs. If you’re oily, look for one that will control shine, minimize pores, and keep breakouts at bay. If you have dry skin, look for one that’s hydrating. Remember that primers aren’t limited to just your face. You can use them for your eye shadow, lips, and even mascara.

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Pay attention to SPF

Don’t forget about keeping your face protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. That said, pick a broad spectrum sunblock—it has the ability to keep both UVA and UVB damage at bay. UVA rays are responsible for premature aging, while UVB rays are what cause sunburn.

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Tip: Don’t forget about applying SPF on your ears! For your lip balm, get one with SPF, too.

Waterproof everything!

Especially with your eye makeup! Ditch basic pencil liners, and use kohl or liquid liners instead. They last longer and work better in warm weather. For your lashes, coat them with waterproofnot just smudge-proof—mascara! (Mascaras can be smudge-proof but not waterproof, JSYK!)

For your brows, we recommend using brow liquids or waxy brow pencils to keep them perfectly shaped and filled-in all day long. If you want to make sure that they don’t move, seal them in with some brow powder or brow gel. Brows on point all day long!

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Line your lips

Smeared lipstick can make you look like a hot mess. Keep your lippie from running by first lining and filling in your lips with a pinky-nude lip liner. This will make your lips look plumper and provide a base for your lipstick to hold on to.

Finish strong

To seal in your makeup, consider dusting translucent finishing powder all over your face. Another option you have are makeup setting sprays—it will extend your makeup’s wear for hours on end!

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