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How To Do Your Kilay Right For Every Makeup Look

Never underestimate the power of perfect brows—for every occasion!

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We love a bold, trendy brow look, and there are so many ways to do your brows (without having to pluck them to oblivion) so that they go with whatever makeup you feel like wearing. Below, we list ways to do your brows based on your beauty look:

1. Everyday Fresh Face

Commuting to the office, working nine to five, and heading out under the sun on your lunch break can take its toll on your appearance. When it comes to your everyday ~lewk~, wear light, easy makeup that will stay fresh all day. Allow your complexion to peep through with a mineral foundation, brighten your gaze by curling your lashes, and plump up your lips with a rosy tint. Let your natural brows come through by sweeping on a tinted brow gel.

2. Earth Tones for Chill Days

Embrace your lush, overgrown brows by brushing them up and out for full, feathery arches. Fill in sparse areas by using a thin brow pencil to draw on hair-like strokes, and set them with brow gel. Pair your brows with earthy eye shadow, a flattering coral blush, and a dusting of highlighter on the high points of your face. Chill days still require some effort, after all.

3. Tickled Pink Glow

You can never go wrong with a classic, feminine look that puts your best features forward. Think luminous foundation to make your skin glow; soft eye shadow to brighten your peepers; and juicy pink lip colors to highlight your smile. Your brows don’t need to be the focal point, but make sure to fill them in with a brow pencil and groom them with a brow gel to match your neat and elegant appearance.

4. Sultry Bedroom Eyes

For a look that oozes with sex appeal, go for subtle smoky shadow, impeccably winged liner, and flirty lashes. A dusting of bronzer gives you glow in all the right places, while a matte nude lippie balances the look out. Punctuate your makeup with bold brows. Use a brown pencil to taper them into sharp points—anything subtler won’t do your look justice.

5. Flirty Fuchsia for a Fun Night Out

Paint the town red—or, more appropriately, fuchsia—with this playful look. Whether you're headed to the dance floor or concert hall, you’re sure to stand out with electric pink lids and a bright pout. For this larger-than-life look, it’s important to highlight your brows, too. Enhance the shape by concealing around your eyebrows—this will ensure that they won’t get lost against such a strong look.

Your brows don’t have to fade against the background—they complete the makeup look, after all. Make sure your brows stay in point by using a long-lasting tinted brow gel and skinny eyebrow pencil, like the Vice Cosmetics Gandoll Volumizing Brow Gel and the Vice Cosmetics Gandoll Micro Brow Pencil. The gel contains fibers that beef up your kilay to achieve fuller, more defined brows; and the pencil delivers precise, long-wearing color for natural-looking brows. Both come in four shades: light brown, ash brown, soft brown, and natural brown.

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