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How To Fix Your Face After An Ugly Cry

Stress tears at work? Here's how to fix your pretty face after a sob session.

1. "To calm your red, sore eyes, firstly apply cool, iced cotton pads 
or cold eye packs and leave on for five minutes," says expert Emma Hobson, education manager at The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. You can also use toilet paper dipped in cold water if you're desperate (like when you're composing yourself in the toilet cubicle at work).

2. Clean up any messy eye makeup with tissue and a small amount of moisturizer. Even fragrance-free hand cream works. Just make sure you don't get any in your eyes.

3. "Pop some eye drops in to relieve the redness. Then address blotchy skin with a product that calms redness and reduces swelling, such as a hydrating mist," says Hobson.

4. Apply eye cream (gels are great) that contains a good dose of anti-inflammatories. "Another good option is to apply an instant-firming serum; it's a great instant fix to help tighten the skin."

5. "If the redness is still a problem, especially around the eyes, apply a layer of green color-corrector concealer underneath your foundation," says Hobson. Then dot over an illuminating concealer to brighten up your eye area and retouch your base as you usually would.

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6. If your eye makeup needs a bit of a touch-up, try using nude-colored eyeliner on the inner rim to visually erase red rims. Apply a bit of bright lippie to distract from your eyes and make you look bright again. See? Good as new! 

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