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How To Flawlessly Apply 16 Beauty Products Every Single Time

Getting ready is about to be a breeze.

If you struggle to apply hair products with the same light-handedness of your stylist or try to apply your foundation like a pro with little to no success, let this how-to guide be your saving grace.

1. Swipe off eye makeup off using gentle downward motions.
Rubbing your eyes side-to-side can rip your lashes out and can even contribute to crow's feet over time. Gently swiping your eye makeup off with a remover wipe in a downward motion helps keep your lashes intact and won't cause wrinkles.

2. Apply eye cream in dots around your eye, and then pat it into your skin using your ring finger to blend.
Use your ring finger, the weakest of all your fingers, to avoid unnecessary pulling on the skin. Start from the inner corner of your lower lid toward the outer corner, and then along your upper lid from the outer corner to the inner corner.


3. Brush on your foundation from the center outward toward the edges of your face.
Applying your base this way keeps the brightest part, which should be the middle of your face, the focus.

4. Conceal blemishes by dotting on concealer and then patting it with the tip of a makeup sponge until it's invisible.
It's better to use a sponge to do this rather than the tip of your finger, since the warmth of your skin can actually melt away the cover-up as you apply it.

5. Using a clean fingertip, blend cream blush in a circular motion on the apples of your cheeks, and then out toward your temples.
First, smile so that the apples (the rounded part) of your cheeks pop, and then apply the cream blush directly over them. The warmth from your finger will soften the product for smooth application.

6. Apply powder blush starting almost an inch away from your nose.
Because powder is harder to control than cream, to avoid any pink particles from getting too close to your nose, making it look red and irritated, start applying powder blush almost an inch away from your nose on the apples of your cheeks. Then, blend outward.

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7. Dash on your brow bone highlighter to make it look more natural.
Highlighting your brow bone can go very bad quickly (i.e., if you make the area too white from heavy-handed application, it will look like clown makeup), so to ensure you're applying the highlighter pencil subtly for a natural finish, put it on in dashes under your brow instead of drawing a line, and diffuse it with a clean fingertip. The warmth from your finger will help it blend in to your skin easily and flawlessly.

8. Apply setting powder over your T-zone only, since that's where you produce the most oil.
Your cheeks won't pose a problem when it's hot out, so if you want your makeup to stay put, apply a translucent powder along your forehead, down your nose, and then onto your chin.

9. Brush your brow mascara up toward the start of your arches, and then out toward the tail.
First, make sure you don't have a ton of product on the brush or else your arches will look overdone. Secondly, it's important to brush the hairs up at the beginning of your brow and then outward from there on, keeping them going in the direction of the hair growth. Try Benefit Gimme Brow.


10. Hold your eyelash curler at a 45-degree angle and gently squeeze for insanely curled lashes.
With your eyelash curler as close to your lash line as possible, clamp down gently, holding it out at a 45 degree angle, and continue to pump the curler without ever letting it fully open up and release from your lashes. This way the hairs get an extra lift from the root, making them look extra-curled and longer.

11. Use a back-and-forth wiggle motion to apply mascara to your upper lashes.
You've been there: You start putting mascara on your lower lashes, holding the brush horizontally, but not only have you coated the super tiny hairs, you've also painted your lower lid black and now resemble a panda. Cute, but not the look you were going for. To keep the mascara off your face, hold the wand vertically and slowly coat your lashes by painting the formula on with the tip of the brush. Try Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara.


12. Line your lash line in one continuous back-and-forth motion by gently pulling the skin at the outer corner of your eye taut.
This makes your lash line straight instead of rounded, which makes the liner go on easier.

13. Apply eye shadow in the crease of your eye using a windshield wiper motion.
Regardless of whether you're using a cream or powder shadow, dip a domed-tip contour eye brush into the formula, and then apply it using a windshield wiper-like back and forth motion, hugging the top of your eyeball for precise application.

14. Immediately scrunch your hair after spraying it with salt spray to boost waviness and texture.

15. Conceal your scalp with a slanted contouring eye shadow brush and eye shadow to make it look like you have thicker hair.
Celebrity stylists use this tip all the time to make A-listers look like they have thicker hair IRL and in photos. To pull off the same trick, run your shadow brush over eye shadow that matches your hair and dust it along your part.


16. Hold your hairspray can six to eight inches away from your head to avoid helmet head.
If you hold your hairspray too close to your head, two things will happen: (1) You'll have really crunchy-feeling hair, and (2) your hair won't move when it's down, so it will look like you're wearing a helmet. To keep your hair in place, but still looking sexy and touchable, hold the can of spray six to eight inches away so only a light dusting falls onto your strands.

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