How To Hide A Hickey Other Than Wearing A Turtleneck

Keep it a secret!

If you and bae had way too much ~fun~ last night, there could be *visual evidence* left on your body aka a hickey. Well, we're not here to judge. In fact, we're teaching you how to keep it a secret from the rest of the world. ;)

Act normal

Just wear a towel around your neck and over your chest to prevent your mom from getting mortified. At this point, wearing a turtleneck when you haven't showered yet looks too suspicious.

Cool down

ICYDK, a hickey = a bruise. As soon as you notice it, use an ice pack to calm down the redness. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes until you see that the redness and swelling have subsided. Wipe off excess moisture while you look for an outfit—again, anything too covered is obvious. 


Now onto business: The hiding part. The inside of the hickey has a purple tone so a yellow-based concealer will neutralize it. For the outer part, dab a green one to cancel out the redness. 

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Blend it with the rest of your neck + chest using a concealer that matches your skin tone. Use a sponge and gently press the pigment onto the hickey. Should you need more coverage, top it off with foundation. 

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Set and seal

To keep your hickey undercover all day, dust microfinish translucent powder on top. And a word of advice: Avoid any sweaty activities as much as possible to prevent your disguise from melting off.

Essence Stay All Day Translucent Fixing Powder, P249, The SM Store

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