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How To Keep Your Face Shine-Free For Photos

The only thing that should look bright is your smile, not your forehead.

Ever snapped photos with your friends only to spot how greasy you looked on cam? Gross, right? Here, six important tips you should know to keep your face shine-free:

1. Use a mattifying primer. After washing your face and applying your skincare, layer on a mattifying primer to control oil on your face. It will give you smooth and poreless skin throughout the day. You can also get away with wearing it alone to fake flawless skin without adding an extra layer of foundation.

2. Get an oil-free foundation. Select a foundation that will make your skin flawless on camera. Pick one that has properties that will blur your skin perfections and have a “soft focus” finish on your skin. Remember to blend it into your skin with a sponge or a buffing brush—no one wants to see harsh lines and patchy foundation! P.S. Don’t forget to blend it into your neck! No one wants to see a ghost face!

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3. Conceal and brighten. Hide dark under eye circles and blemishes by using a brightening concealer on these spots. Again, pick a concealer that’s oil-free to keep your skin from being greasy.

4. Set everything with powder. Every oily girl’s best friend is a reliable setting powder that will keep oil at bay throughout the day. Keep your skin shine-free on photos by dusting on a loose mineral powder to seal your base in.

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5. Blot before retouching. If you have really oily skin, make the conscious effort to check your face from time to time. If you feel like you need to pack on more powder, blot away excess oil first with tissue or oil-control film. Focus on the areas that get especially greasy like your forehead, bridge of the nose, and chin.

6. Mind the placement of your highlighter. While highlighters can make you look really, really good, they can also make you look greasy AF. For oily skin, use a powder highlighter and dust it on the high points of your face. Here’s a guide on that.

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