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How To Keep Your Makeup Brushes In Top Shape

Just like a pro!

1. Spot-clean.

Spot cleaning is the quick and easy process of getting rid of dirt and product from your brushes every day. This method will also work if you’re in dire need of a clean blending brush for your eyes, but you don’t have an unused one at hand. You’ll need a kitchen towel, a brush cleanser, and your dirty brush. Spray the brush cleanser onto the kitchen towel, and then swirl your dirty brush in, until most of the product is gone.

2. But more importantly, deep clean.

Dirt and bacteria accumulate in your brushes, especially when you use them for liquids and creams. (Also, think of the dust and dirt that falls into them while you leave them exposed on your vanity while you’re at work!). Make it a habit to deep clean your brushes to get rid of excess product once a week.

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Deep clean by using a brush shampoo—but baby shampoo works well, too—and swirl your brushes on the palm of your hand. You can also use a cleaning tool like this nifty Brush Egg from Kalm Cosmetics:

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Swirl your brushes on the textured side, rinse, and let your brushes dry. When drying your brushes, lay them flat at the edge of the table to let the excess water drain down. Never let them dry vertically with the bristles facing the ceiling, because the water might end up ruining your brushes’ handle. You can also try getting yourself a “brush tree” like this one:

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3. Use conditioner.

Over time, you’ll notice that your brushes’ bristles will get a little harder and rougher. If this bothers you, use a bit of conditioner—the same one that you use on your locks—to soften the bristles. Adding one or two drops of olive oil to your baby shampoo when deep cleaning will also have the same effect.

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4. Keep them in shape.

Store your brushes properly—don’t let them swim at the bottom of your makeup kit. Get yourself a travel brush roll that you can easily toss in your bag. You can also invest in brush guards (They're available in Beauty Bar)—they’re like fishnet stockings for your brushes—to keep your brushes literally in shape.

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