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How To Line Your Lips Like A Pro

Dontcha just hate it when your lipstick bleeds out?

It’s all about the direction of your strokes! Keep your pout defined and lock your lip color in place with this easy technique.

You’ll Need:

-a lip liner that’s the same color as your lipstick
-a lip brush

Step 1
Outline your upper lip first. To do, grab your lip liner and use upward strokes starting from the corner of your mouth to the center. You’ll have more control over the line your draw (read: no more lampas!) if you go in this direction

Step 2
Now go over your lower lip using downward strokes from the corner of your mouth, going towards the middle. Make sure you only do one side (left or right) at a time.

Step 3
Once done, load your lip brush with your lipstick of choice and start filling in your pout. This time, start from the center of your lips and use steady, outward strokes to make your mouth appear full and kissable. 


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