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How To Look Amazing In All Your Photos This Season

Angle, girl, angle!

1. Flip your hair to the side.
Unless you're taking photos with a professional camera, your iPhone won't capture your super-sleek, shiny hair. Instead of going for stick-straight tresses, go for va-va-voom hair. While you don't have to curl your ends if you don't have time, we do suggest flipping your hair to the side a couple of minutes—no, seconds—before the camera flashes so your mane looks thicker, healthier.

2. Choose your Instagram filters wisely.
The photo app just released five cool new filtersSlumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, and Perpetuajust in time for the holidays, and they are flattering! If your makeup accidentally looks bad in those filters (your undereye concealer is super obvs!), you can always use the black and white ones like Inkwell or Willow. Never use Kelvin. Nobody looks good in Kelvin!

3. Angle, girl, angle!
Unless you are 1. a Victoria's Secret model; or 2. Marian Rivera, you won't look good facing the camera straight-on. GMA News reporter Mav Gonzalez, who goes on national television almost every night, suggests you should angle your face about 45 degrees to the side (use a mirror and figure out which side is your best side) so you look slimmer. 

4. You don't need a lot of makeup to look good.
Just a flattering bold lip! 


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