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How To Look Flawless Even If You Just Cried Your Eyes Out

The best revenge is to look pretty.

Soo you spent the entire night crying, and now you do not look like a human being? There's a super easy way to look like you had eight hours of sleep.

We know you KNOW how to apply BB Cream on your face (you probably use your fingers, right?). But according to MAC's Director of Makeup Artistry Gregory Arlt, using a flat foundation brush to put makeup on your face is actually better.

Start at the center of your face, and then move towards your cheeks and jawline using downward strokes. The technique allows you to conceal those tiny, annoying facial hairs that you'll probably miss if you apply BB Cream with your fingers.

Pay extra attention to areas like the outer corners of your eyes, and your eye bags. If you need to add a little concealer on those spots, go ahead!

Ditch the heavy liner, because the last thing you want is to put emphasis on your eyes; black liner can also make your peepers look puffier than they already are. Instead, reach for a nude- or peach-colored liner, and use that on your waterline. The colors will cancel out any redness, stat. The only eye makeup you should probably wear is mascara.

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Finish off with powder to seal your makeup in place, and apply a bold lip. You want people to pay attention to other parts of your face that aren't your eyes!

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