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How To Look Fresh For Video Calls If You Only Have 5 Minutes To Prep

You *need* a good concealer that matches your skin tone.

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A year into working from home and you’d think we’ve learned by now how to prep for Zoom meetings better! And yet, how often do we find ourselves in lounge pants, chugging coffee, and cramming for an important video conference that’s coming up in, like, five minutes? It never helps that turning the camera off isn’t an option most days.

But let’s be honest: Staying at home all this time has only made us extra comfortable with our unmade face, messy bun, and dark circles (courtesy of last night’s K-drama binge!). While these habits might not change any time soon, there is a way to look like you had at least eight hours of sleep, glowing and primed for the meeting ahead. Ladies, meet Ever Bilena Advance Fearless Concealer.

Here’s how this beauty essential can help you prep for those sudden video calls:

It’s wonderfully buildable. 

While some preparation is reasonably expected for online conferences, being completely made up could feel over the top, right? Fortunately, the Ever Bilena Advance Fearless Concealer comes in a buildable formula that gives you enough flexibility to put on as little or as much as you need. For when you require just a smidge to cover up a spot or a smear to help hide breakouts, this concealer has gotchu!

It comes in five shades. 

This product has got every Pinay covered! It comes in five awesome shades to help you find *the one*. 

There’s Pearl, a pale ivory hue with a warm undertone (perfect for light skin tones), and Vanilla, its peachier version. The deep yellow-beige Oriental is ideal for those whose complexion is between fair to medium, while Warm Honey has a deeper, toastier tint made for those with yellow undertones. Last but not least is Dusk, a shade that’s similar to Warm Honey, except it’s for women with cool undertones. It’s a deep hue that will complement peach or pinkish complexions.

You can do so much more with it!

Because of its many versatile varieties, you can do so much more with this concealer than just cover up a freckle or some redness. If you have a little more time in your hands, you can even pull off some contour and highlights by using contrasting shades! Though it may seem subtle, this extra step will help you look extra polished, especially if you’re under good lighting. Trust us, your webcam isn’t too grainy to pick up these small but important details. 

It’s extremely accessible!

How much will this essential cost you? For all the things it has to offer, it’s an absolute steal at P175! The best part: You can easily shop it at leading department stores or supermarkets.

Camera-ready in five minutes? We know you’ll be with the Ever Bilena Advance Fearless Concealer. Shop this makeup must-have via Watsons. Follow Ever Bilena on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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