How To Pick The Right MLBB Shade For You

That's 'My Lips But Better,' FYI.

You know how there are days when you just want to wear a lipstick that will make you look effortlessly gorgeous, but can't find one that fits the bill in your extensive lippie collection? The good news is that there's an easy solution for this problem. In fact, it’s hardly a dilemma at all—as long as you can find the right “my lips but better” shade.

The ideal MLBB is a flattering color that’s close to the natural hue of your lips and is versatile enough to wear every day, from morning to night. If you still haven’t found your perfect shade, here are some helpful tips so you can finally get your hands on “the one.”

Determine your skin’s undertone.

You should know if your undertone is cool, neutral, or warm, as this will affect how makeup will look on your skin. If your skin has a reddish or pinkish tinge, you’re cool-toned. This means you should go for a lippie with blue or purple tones. If your skin has a yellowish or olive hue, you’re warm-toned: Reddish shades that lean brown or orange are flattering on you. Still can’t tell? Check your wrists: If you think your veins are a blue-green color, you most likely have a neutral undertone, and this means you’d look lovely in any shade.

Don’t look for it online.

It’s still best to shop in person when it comes to lipstick, especially with nude or MLBB shades. Have you ever tried on a lipstick that your BFF swears by, only to be frustrated after seeing how unflattering it is on you? It’s the same scenario when trying to buy makeup online: Trust us, no amount of swatches can accurately determine how a certain lippie will look on you.

Take the nips-lips connection seriously.

In case you haven’t heard yet, there’s this theory that Use products that enhance your natural lip color.

The point of having an MLBB lipstick is to let the natural beauty of your lips come through. If you want a lightweight lippie, look for one that adjusts to the real color of your lips.

Try Ever Bilena Advance Bitten Lips, a lightweight, colorless lip product that, when applied, transforms into a unique shade of pink that’s totally flattering. It’s been raved about by beauty influencers, and even won in the Best Lip Gloss category of the Cosmo Beauty Awards. Consider your hunt for the perfect MLBB over!


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