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What To Do If Your Eyelash Extensions Are Already Falling Out

Step 1: Take your natural lashes into consideration.
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Eyelash extensions allow you to skip eye makeup (especially mascara and liner) because they're enough to define your peepers. They last up to six weeks, depending on how they're taken care of. We totally get why some girls are addicted to this beauty add-on! A big con, however, is that they can be bothersome when your natural lashes grow and the extensions start to fall out.

The biggest lash-saving advice: Don't pull them out! We know it's tempting to just take them out when your lash extensions look uneven and they may poke your eye, but please, stop yourself from removing them with a tweezer or your fingers. If you proceed, your natural lashes will be plucked out, too. You will live with bald eyelids for weeks or maybe more if there was permanent damage. TL;DR: You'll mess up with your real lash hairs and cause hair loss!

The safest way to take them out is by going to the pros. They've got the right kind of remover to melt the glue off the extensions, plus they are trained with the correct techniques that won't cause damage to your real lashes.

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I'm stuck at home! What can I do?

Since most of us can't go out and beauty clinics are closed until further notice, I'm sorry to say but you ~really~ have to wait it out and let them shed on their own. What you can do to improve the situation is to apply lash conditioners or castor oil to your natural eyelashes to help them grow stronger. This way, your lashes will become soft and nourished while the extensions fall out.

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