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How To Keep Your Eyeliner In Place All Day Long

No more raccoon eyes forever!
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Pandas are adorable, but you wouldn't want to look like one because of an eyeliner meltdown. Here, six tricks to keep your liner locked in place for hours on end:

1. Start with a clean canvas.

Use micellar water or makeup remover to get rid of excess oil and dirt on your skin, especially on your eyelids.

2. Apply primer.

Let your skin dry, then coat your lids with your trusty eyeshadow primer. This will serve as a base for all your eye makeup, as it will give it something to adhere to. Set your lids with translucent powder or a nude eyeshadow after.

3. Dry your waterline.

Before you apply your eyeliner, carefully swipe a cotton bud along your waterline to remove any excess moisture.

4. Seal it in place.

After lining your top lash line, trace over it with a coat of black eyeshadow. This will keep it in place longer and give it a slightly smoky effect. You can also spritz on a bit of setting spray as an alternative.

5. Curl and line.

Remember to curl your lashes before applying eyeliner to prevent smudging and removal.

6. Don't just go for any eyeliner.

To save yourself from all the trouble, invest in an eyeliner that's waterproof and long-wearing like Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen. It comes in three unique tips: Classic for achieving a soft to dramatic look, Triple Edge for bold and graphic lines, and Ball Point for dotting and tracing along the lash line. Our fave part? It lasts up to 16 hours-sweat and all!

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen Ball Point, Triple Edge, and Classic;
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