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How To Get K-Style Straight Brows Without Shaving Your Kilay

BRB, copying this technique ASAP.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/yejinhand, (RIGHT) INstagram/

Straight brows were made popular by the Koreans. They proved to us that this kilay shape makes our faces look youthful. Here are several celebs who'll convince you to transform your arches:

Cho Yeo Jeong

Son Ye Jin

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Song Hye Kyo

Joy of Red Velvet

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Lia of ITZY

At this point, you're probably curious about the steps you need to take to recreate this look. Some girls reshape their brows (which can be too risky if you're not used to doing it on your own), while some users on TikTok resort to shaving the tails of their kilay. Eep!

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If you're not up for extreme measures, you can try this TikTok hack (I know, I know. I spend to much time on the app, LOL!). It calls for a non-beauty product which makes it even more interesting.

@nicolegagli used a glue stick—yes the one you buy from a bookstore—to flatten the brow hairs at the tail. (Choose a non-toxic formula so it won't harm your skin!) She then covered the area with foundation and drew a straight tail. The glue stick technique has been done by drag queens for years so it's legit! :100:

See how it's done here:


if ur like me and are scared to commit to half an eyebrow ... this is the move ##wishmeluck ##ButterGlossPop ##makeadrink

? Just like that come my way - jordanaudiož

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