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How To Successfully Reinvent Your Look For 2011

Want a makeover for next year? Try these tips for creating a new you.

The end of the year is slowly nearing and with all the advancement in technology, breaking down of cultural barriers, and growing acceptance of social norms, we often find ourselves in a rut, struggling to keep up with the fast-paced world.

However, rather than pining over what you don’t have or what you can’t afford, why not focus your energies on something that is truly doable and realistic, yet creative and invigorating to the spirit: reinventing your look!

Hold that thought! No, we’re not asking you to become someone you’re not or spend a fortune on achieving a total transformation. That’s the beauty of change: if executed with careful thought and tons of enthusiasm, it can really, well, change your life! So, let the reinvention process begin!


  1. One of the most dramatic ways of reinventing one’s look is through hair. Whether you choose to change your color or cut, your hair can truly be your crowning glory. Supermodel Cindy Crawford once told In Style magazine that rather than having plastic surgery to brighten her appearance, she relies on good old-fashioned hair color to do the trick.

    If you are wary about the pain or discomfort hair color may bring, the best option is L’Oreal Professionnel’s INOA (Innovation, No Ammonia). You not only get amazing color and shine, but more importantly, you achieve ultimate softness for your precious locks without the bad smell, scalp irritation, dandruff, and hair damage.

  2. Simply adding bangs and prominent layers or chopping a big chunk off your hair can do wonders for your appearance. Doing so can frame your face, even add to or subtract pounds from it! Most importantly, chopping inches from your hair is a therapeutic way of getting rid of excess emotional baggage. If you want to have a brighter outlook for 2011, or any year for that matter, best to start the year without too many issues locked up inside us.

  3. Now, if you just can’t bring yourself to color or cut, then here’s one more idea: change how you part your hair! When hair is used to falling to a certain place, it can lose its natural bounce, making it limp. A change in hair parting can add instant volume and give your face new dimension.
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  1. Now that we've mentioned color, let me just say that if there’s one thing we Filipinas need to embrace, it would be our natural skin color! Rather than spending a lot of money on whitening products, which, at times, may not even be the safest to use, why not try emphasizing your tanned skin? Men often associate tanned or bronzed skin on women with being sultry, exotic, and mysterious. Now who wouldn’t want to be seen as that?

    If you have fairer skin and wish to try and 'go to the dark side,' by all means, go for it. But do so while avoiding the sun at all costs! Or if you already have morena skin but want to enhance it to channel Latina bombshell Eva Mendes, 'fake' or amp up that golden glow with non-toxic, instant self-tanners like ModelCo Body Meringue Bronze Glow, P2,650. It leaves a shimmery finish and has cellulite-busting ingredients, too!

  2. Not everyone is brave enough to sport red, as it can come off too strong if your personality is more on the dainty side. So why not try donning red on your lips or toenails instead? Red lips instantly whiten teeth, brighten complexion, and make one look naughtier (in a good way, of course). It evokes confidence and is the one color that has been proven to attract the opposite sex. On the other hand, red, particularly on fingernails, also has the tendency to look trashy. So best to polish your toes with it instead.

  3. People always underestimate the overall effect that eyebrows have on one’s appearance. Perfect example: Megan Fox. Her eyebrows are synonymous to strength, confidence, sex appeal, and a no-nonsense demeanor. Whether or not these are all true about her, the point is, her eyebrows successfully help define the persona she wishes to exude, even without saying a word. Having groomed and perfectly shaped brows can define one's appearance by opening up the eyes and even giving an instant face lift--if done well. Make sure not to over-tweeze, as thinner brows make one look older while full brows depict youthfulness.
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  1. One of the most affordable ways of updating your look is merely through accessorizing. Be it with shoes, bags, jewelry, or what have you, they can take any basic outfit from plain to posh! They don't even need to be expensive at that.

  2. FIT is more important than the style or the price tag of what you’re wearing. So rather than buy a whole new wardrobe, why not tweak it instead by having your clothes altered? If you have too many little black dresses in the same silhouette, why not redesign them to expand your wardrobe with multiple styles of your favorite staples? Or get rid of a nasty stain on the bottom hem of a skirt (and not throw it away) by turning it into a mini or pencil skirt? The options are limitless.  So look at magazines, movies, and websites to draw inspiration from, and be your own stylist and designer.
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Looking amazing is definitely the ultimate goal. But at times, we may overlook specific issues that really need to be addressed, aside from our appearance.

  1. It’s not enough to reinvent our external appearance, since we all want to have the total package, don’t we? So it’s essential to invest in our internal growth as well, to become well-rounded individuals. If you’re known to be a bitch who's bitter, manipulative, negative, and hard to deal with, no matter how beautiful you may look, no one can fully appreciate it other than yourself.

    There are people in this world who look amazing but their attitude only reek of vengeful insecurity. Wouldn’t you rather be that presentable-looking person who has such a wonderful outlook and attitude about life that they only become even more beautiful in the eyes of others?

  2. Having a new look is sometimes our way of covering up deep-seated issues we wish to ignore rather than deal with. This definitely acts as a band-aid but it doesn’t heal the problem at hand. Remember, part of reinvention is altering one’s state of mind. So shifting to a more positive attitude can not only heal our spirit but actually remove years off our weary faces and pounds off our slump stance. When one is at peace with herself, her aura radiates that and her  body language speaks the rest.
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Reinvention, as intimidating as it may sound, is actually very liberating as YOU control the outcome. You dictate how far you’re willing to go. Hence, only you have yourself to blame--or better, praise--for the outcome! For reference, look at your old pictures to see what looks worked for you and what didn’t.

We’ve always dreamt of being the boss of every aspect of our lives. Well, here’s one aspect covered! Best of luck!