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How Your Makeup Can Stay Put In This Weather

Don't let your face melt!

City girls know the struggle of finding ways to keep makeup from melting off because of the weather. You work so hard every morning to perfectly lock in your foundation only to end the day with tunaw na makeup. Not cool.

Here, we give you tried and tested tips on how you look fresh the entire day, whether you’re stuck in the office or dancing at a music festival.

Pack on the sunscreen.

Sunscreen is never optional. Be sure to keep your face and body protected from harmful UV rays by lathering on SPF before stepping out of the house. Doing so will also slow down your skin’s aging process, because it prevents wrinkles from showing up early. Yay!

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Prime everything.

Before you pile on your makeup, apply a small amount of primer on your face to help control oil. Note however, that if you put on too much primer, you might actually be counteracting its effects, so be very careful. If you plan on putting any eye makeup (even if it’s just eyeliner) putting eye primer on your lids will keep them from creasing and melting away.

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Go waterproof!

For foundations, powders, eyeliners, and mascaras, use products that are proven to withstand any form of moisture.  You don’t want to worry about getting raccoon eyes in the middle of the day. For your lips, use matte lipsticks because they generally last longer. (We love Lancome’s L’Absolu Velours Lipsticks!)

Oh, and remember to go for oil-free moisturizers and foundations. They will keep your skin looking fabulous, sans the sticky feeling.

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Use facial mists.

First, get rid of excess oil with oil blotting sheets. After doing this, take a facial mist and spritz on your face for inst-freshness. Air dry after. 

If all else fails…

Cut down your makeup—stick to a simple regimen of powder foundation, lip and cheek tint, and well-groomed eyebrows. And again, NEVER skip sunscreen.

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