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Insanely Easy Makeup Tricks That Will Make Getting Ready a Breeze

You'll be out the door before your boyfriend yells, "Are you ready yet?!"

Unless you're a professional makeup artist or have easy access to one, you know that doing your own makeup can be tricky at times. But, thanks to these backstage tips, getting ready will not only be less stressful, you'll be out the door before you know it!

1. Use a peach-colored concealer under your eyes to look instantly more awake and illuminate your eyes.
The orange tones in a peach-colored cover-up also help cancel out any darkness under the eye in seconds. Simply pat the formula on with your ring finger, since it's the weakest and won't pull your skin, and go! (Tip courtesy of Kabuki for MAC at Zac Posen.)

2. Apply wine-colored lipstick with an eye shadow brush to get a really soft, diffused look.
If you don't want a full-blown burgundy lip, use an eye shadow brush to buff the color into your pout, creating more of a diffused appearance. (Tip courtesy of James Boehmer for Nars at Naeem Khan.)

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3. Powder or blot away any shine on either side of your nose to keep your face from looking puffy.
When you're doing your makeup, especially when it's hot out, pretend there is an imaginary triangle, with the tip close to your tear duct and the base just hitting your cheek, that you need to powder or blot with blotting papers. Doing so eliminates any kind of shine in that area that can reflect light and add unwanted fullness to your face IRL or in pictures. (Tip courtesy of Alice Lane for Maybelline New York at Mara Hoffman.)

4. Keep your eyes open when creating the tail of your cat-eye, so you can see exactly how the flick will look with your eye open.
Sometimes, when you create a cat-eye with your eye closed, it can look less perfect when you finally open your eye. So, to nail your '60s-inspired look the first time, keep your eyes open when you draw on the flick, so you can make sure it's positioned exactly where you want it. (Tip courtesy of Katie Jane Hughes for Butter London at Rachel Zoe.)

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5. Apply bronzer in a triangular shape on your cheeks for a naturally flushed look.
Pretend there is a triangle with the base along your cheekbone and the point toward your jawline, then buff your bronzer into your skin in that formation. This will properly place the bronzer, since that's where your cheeks naturally flush when you overheat. Just make sure to blend with a bronzer brush, so you can't see any distinct lines. (Tip courtesy of James Boehmer for Nars at Creatures of the Wind.)

Everyone can benefit from wearing an ashy brown eyeliner because it works with all eye colors and complements all eye shapes. Black can sometimes be too rock n' roll and tough, and is actually unflattering on most women. Brown, on the other hand, is a contouring shade that adds dimension to your features and can even be used on the lips and cheeks. (Tip courtesy of Aaron De Mey for Sephora at Jill Stuart.)

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6. Turn your regular eye shadow into a gloss with lip balm.
To make any eye shadow glossy, swipe a lip balm over your lids after you've applied your powder eye shadow to transform the formula. Simply run the balm over your fingers and pat it over your lids. Voilà! (Tip courtesy of Yadim for Maybelline New York at Marissa Webb.)

7. Make your own colored mascara by topping your lashes with colored eye shadow.
If you don't have any colored mascara laying around, don't worry. You can make your own by applying mascara to your lashes, and then, while it's still tacky right before it dries, dust on a powdered colored eye shadow overtop to tint it. (Tip courtesy of Polly Osmond for MAC Cosmetics at Christian Siriano.)

8. Use a small, straight brow brush to fill in your arches flawlessly.
The trick is to use a thin brow brush or paintbrush, and try not to get the brow powder on your skin. The combo of using this brush to create feather-like strokes and avoiding getting product on your skin won't give your secret of filling in your brows away. (Tip courtesy of Dotti for MAC Cosmetics at Rebecca Taylor.)

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9. Mix a concealer with a gold cream eye shadow to make an inner eye highlighter that doesn't look unnatural.
Once you've mixed your favorite concealer with a little bit of gold cream shadow on the back of your hand, pat your fingertip over the combo and pop it over the inner corners of your eyes. The blend will give a subtle highlight that won't be too noticeable, but will make you look like you got nine hours of sleep. (Tip courtesy of Katie Jane Hughes for Butter London at Rachel Zoe.)

10. Create any shape of black eyeliner with a black cream liner formula, a cotton swab, and some balm.
If you want to create a thick black line on your eyes, but don't have a steady enough hand, first use a thicker eye shadow brush to apply your cream liner across your eye. Then, take a cotton swab with petroleum jelly or balm on it, and shape the liner how you'd like. You'll probably use a few cotton swabs in the process, but it's easier to control the liner look this way. (Tip courtesy of Val Garland for MAC Cosmetics at Hèrve Leger.)

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11. Give yourself a sun-kissed glow with brown lipstick.
Run a brown lipstick over the top of your hand, and then warm the formula with your fingertips by blending it around. Next, coat your fingertips in the brown lipstick and then tap it onto your face where the sun would hit (aka your forehead, down your nose, on your cheeks, and chin), and blend with a clean blush brush. Using lipstick instead of powder gives you a really gorgeous glow that looks more natural than a powder. (Tip courtesy of Alice Lane for Maybelline New York at Mara Hoffman.)

12. Contour your cheeks holding your bronzer or blush brush vertically, so the bristles hit just underneath your cheekbone.
Holding your blush or bronzer brush vertically allows the bristles to apply just the right amount of cream or powder cheek color exactly where it needs to go: under your cheekbone. Holding it horizontally can apply too much product to your face and make your cheek color look overly done. (Tip courtesy of Dotti for MAC at Rebecca Taylor.)

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