Jeffree Star Is Being Called Out For Launching A P2,540 Highlighter

And he’s gonna say Jaclyn's palettes are expensive.....
PHOTO: Instagram: jeffreestar; Twitter: jeffreestar

Jeffree Star may have just launched his Conspiracy collection with Shane Dawson, but if you thought he was taking a break from new makeup releases, think again.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the self-made millionaire is launching five brand spanking new products, including a $50 (P2,540) highlighter.

"I created the world's most blinding diamond highlighter," Jeffree announced on Twitter. "Extreme Frost is pure pigment, no filler. This is for the CRAZY highlight addicts. It creates a wet glass effect on the skin, no Facetune needed."

Extreme Frost is Jeffree's fourth highlighter formula and follows his Skin Frost, Liquid Frost, and Supreme Frost launches.

Justifying the high price point, Jeffree explained, "I made the #ExtremeFrost formula for bougie makeup loves who love luxury cosmetics and crazy shit. The formula is really expensive to make so I had to price it accordingly ."

Extreme Frost will be exclusive to Jeffree Star Cosmetics part of Jeffree Star Cosmetics' permanent collection and is available in three shades: Gag Me, Lick My Glit, and Sour Ice.

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While Jeffree hasn't yet explained what those pricey ingredients are, we know from experience that his formulas are pigmented as hell and the packaging is next level fancy. Each highlighter comes in a cute white, vegan leather jewelry box. Boujee and reusable... we stan.

But that wasn't enough to convince some people on the Internet who accused Jeffree of being a hypocrite after he reviewed Jaclyn Hill's new $49 (P2,491) highlighter palette earlier in the week, commenting: "that's a little pricey Miss Thing".

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And on Instagram account TrendMood1, three of the top comments are:

"50$??? Jesus Christ. And he’s gonna say Jaclyn's palettes are expensive......"

"Looks like a similar formula to Fenty Beauty's 'Trophy Wife' except that one's only like $32"

"$50....each...... Listen I used to be a Jeffree stan and I have a couple of his highlighters, even the supreme frost but jeez ???? I swear with every new product he comes out with the price gets higher and higher"

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However, not everybody feels the same way. Others are desperate to hand over their money in exchange for cheeks sparklier than Jeffree's nails.

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