Whoa, Jeffree Star Just Shaded Lady Gaga's Makeup Line

'Doesn't mean I don't love Gaga, take a deep breath!!!'
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First it was Kylie Skin (again) and now Jeffree Star is being accused of shading Lady Gaga's Haus Laboratories line.

After Gaga announced that her debut beauty line was launching exclusively on Amazon, the entire line became available to pre-order on Amazon, despite not actually being released until September 2019.

While Gaga fans were hyped to get their orders in early and miss the dreaded inevitable sell out, Jeffree took to Twitter to question the two-month advance.

"Everyone keeps asking me to review Lady Gaga's @hauslabs makeup!! It went on sale last night but they're not shipping until September...Ummmm."

Gaga's fans came for the makeup mogul quicker than you can say "liquid lip kit," leaving Jeffree to defend himself.

"I know what a PRE-ORDER is...I just don't like launches where we customers have to wait several months, the product should be available immediately when you're at that level of success but that's just my opinion. Doesn't mean I don't love Gaga, take a deep breath!!!"

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Knowing that her fans are not ones to be messed with, Jeffree decided to take the conversation off Twitter and took to Snapchat to explain his opinion in more detail.

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"I want to start a conversation on Snapchat beauty Twitter is full of so many opinions, which I live for, but you know...the internet."

"So midnight last night, Lady Gaga's makeup line: Haus Laboratories went on sale. It is an Amazon exclusive, not really living for that idea, but I get it. We all have our different business avenues and things we want to do and sell through."

"But it is a pre-order, so what do you guys think? What does the Star family think? I voiced my opinion on Twitter."

"It's not shipping until September. Girl. When you're at that level of success, that wealth, you should have a line ready to roll."

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"So of course everyone has their opinions, but me as a makeup lover, as a consumer, girl I want to review it right now. If it's on sale it should be shipping, 'Amazon Priming' to my mother f*cking door right this second. But, it's a pre-order." 

"As a consumer and a customer of makeup that's my opinion. I did a pre-order once when Blood Sugar was selling 100,000 every week last year in 2018. Everyone's trying to come for me, but we did a pre-order once in five years. It's just an opinion we all have one, doesn't mean I don't love Gaga."

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So, what do you think? Do you agree with Jeffree, or are you just happy to have a guaranteed Haus Labs order? Let us know.

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