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OMG! Kendall Jenner Revealed She Will Be Collaborating With Kylie Cosmetics

  • Kendall and Kylie Jenner are working together on a makeup line.
  • The sisters will release a Kylie Cosmetics collection.

Kylie Jenner has collaborated with her mum Kris, daughter Stormi, and every sister except Kendall on a makeup line—but all that is about to change, as Kendall revealed they're *finally* working on something together.

The model appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show, where she spoke about her upcoming projects. "You’re doing a makeup collab with Kylie as well, which is very cool," Ellen prompted Kendall. "Yes, we’re very excited about it," Kendall replied. "We’ve actually not said anything that we’re doing it, yet."

Well, we guess now we know! Kendall admitted that the reason it's taken so long to get the ball rolling is her other commitments. "I had a contract before with another makeup company, so now I'm able to do it," she said. She was the previous face of Estée Lauder, so we're presuming that's what she's referring to.

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And, Kylie Cosmetics fans can apparently expect something super exciting. "I’m excited... I feel like we’re really going big because I’m her full blood." No shade to the others, I guess?

Kylie and Kendall have, of course, worked together before on a clothing and accessories line, so we're excited to see what they come up with this time. Minimal model-style makeup, anyone?

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