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You May Already Be Doing Kendall Jenner's Photogenic Trick

It’s all about the angle!
PHOTO: Instagram/kendalljenner

Take a look at the paparazzi and Instagram pics of Kendall Jenner, and you’ll be amused at how ~flawless~ she looks in every photo. Besides being #blessed with great genes, the girl really knows how to work it! WhoWhatWear took notice and discovered that the model is fond of slightly tilting her face to the right, which then makes her neck appear longer and her jawline more defined. 

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Side note: We also love her retro look here!

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Even with a frown, she is still gorgeous!

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Taking a photo against the light isn't an issue; it still works for her.

Who What Wear did a mini-investigation and asked Getty Images photographer Steve Granitz, who has snapped Kendall on several occasions, about why it works. Steve divulged that Kendall’s trick creates a flattering angle. It accentuates the jawlines, creating a slimmer and even younger appearance.

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Every time we take selfies, we observed that a little tilt does look better as opposed to directly the facing the camera. The previous produces shadows that define the features, while the latter brings about a flat and wider face.

We also spotted that Kenny also tends to lean backward a bit when she wants to look at the cam straight on.

For full-body pics, she lengthens (TBH, I don't think she needs it!) her silhouette by putting her weight on one leg.

Whether you’re taking a photo of yourself or having someone else do it, remember this and channel Kendall for supah amazing pics!

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