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Kendrick Lamar's New Music Video Gives A Shout-Out To Real Women

'Show me somethin' natural like ass with some stretch marks.'
PHOTO: YouTube/KendrickLamarVEVO

It's only now that models are becoming more diverse and inclusive – and that's AWESOME. But it's also now that things like Instagram face and thigh gaps exist.

While the modeling, fashion, and beauty industry are beginning to accept different types of people, social media (we're looking at you, Instagram!), on the other hand, is going backwards. Srsly though, if you follow a ton of beauty gurus like us, you'll notice that most of them LOOK THE SAME: Contoured, highlighted, and lips lined to perfection... It's kinda scary.

Which is why Kendrick Lamar's newest single's shout-out to "real women" is like a breath of fresh air"Humble" reminds women, including us, that we don't have to always be perfect and that it's okay to just be as we are.

In one part of the song, he set his sights on the dehumanizing effects of a zeitgeist obsessed with perfection, according to Vogue. And in the video, he raps to a split-screen image of a "perfect" model: "I'm so fuckin' sick and tired of the Photoshop. Show me somethin' natural like ass with some stretch marks," before cutting to her natural hair texture and up close to her stretch-marked butt. 

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Way to be a #HeForShe and make a statement on an important women's issue, Kendrick!

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BTW, if you love thigh gaps and the Instagram makeup look, no hate here! You just do you, girl!

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