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Kilay Pegs: 7 Celebs With Brows Always On Fleek

Werq those arches, ladies!

1. Kathryn Bernardo

Straight brows will make you look fresh and young, and that shape totally suits Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo. This trend is big in Korea, where most women’s brows naturally grow straight and without an arch.

2. Sarah Lahbati

The actress shows us how to perfectly match brows with dyed hair. Pick brow products that are one to two shades lighter than your hair color.

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3. Jane Oineza

How gorgeous are Jane’s thick and boxy brows? Keep your arches in place by using a brow wax or brow gel.  

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4. Janine Gutierrez

Of course Janine Gutierrez is on this list! Her signature thick arches will make you want to learn how to fill in your brows, stat.

5. KC Concepcion

KC's high-arched brows frame her face perfectly.

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6. Anne Curtis

We are totally obsessed with Anne’s unruly, but super sexy brows. Cop her “boy brows” by taking a break from threading and letting your arches grow out a little. Pluck and trim every few days. Oh, and remember to brush them with a spoolie to give you a softer look.

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7. Nadine Lustre

When filling in your brows, use two slightly different shades of brow product for a more natural effect, just like Nadine's. Don’t forget to use a light hand to do small, gentle strokes.   


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