We Tried The Korean Diving Hack To Set Our Makeup

Is holding our breath under water actually worth it?

Some time ago, we introduced you to a crazy beauty hack formulated by the Koreans: jamsu or diving. It was intimidating, to say the least. Plunging face first into a bowl of water FOR THIRTY SECONDS just to set your makeup? Seems a bit too hardcore to us! But the long-lasting, budge-proof claims convinced us to give it a try—and by “us,” we mean someone with impressive lung power.

Enter Ariana Herranz, a member of Ateneo de Manila University’s varsity swim team. The college junior has swam her fair share of laps, so half a minute submerged under water is definitely a piece of cake. But for us regular girls, is diving even worth the effort? Watch the video to find out:

VIDEO: Jean Saturnino. MODEL: Ariana Herranz. HAIR: G Mande. MAKEUP: Jopie Sanchez.

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