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These Are The Common Differences Between Korean And Thai Makeup

A Korean YouTuber went to Thailand to find out!
PHOTO: Youtube/Instagram/hyuk1031

Instead of just exploring the local cuisine and tourist spots, Korean YouTuber Da Ram tries to experience the country's local hair and makeup scene. She books appointments with local artists and films the entire process, demonstrating just how different beauty techniques are all over the world. Her most-watched video in this series is one she shot in Thailand, where she got the ultimate Thai makeup transformation!

Here are the differences and similarities she noticed between Thai and Korean makeup styles:

  1. Thai makeup prefers a flawless matte base over a dewy one.

    The makeup artist gave Da Ram a matte, full coverage look by applying a cushion foundation, concealer stick, contour stick, which he then set with a translucent powder. This combination is meant to help the makeup stay put despite the humid weather in Thailand, which is vastly different from the easy-going dewy base makeup that's popular in Korea.

  2. To compensate for the matte base, a lot of highlighter is added to the eyes and face.

    Thai makeup may love a matte finish, but they never forget about the glow. Highlighter is applied generously (like really generously) over the high points of the skin to add more dimension, while various types of shimmer are applied over the inner half of the eyes to reflect light and make them appear bigger and brighter.

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  3. Soft, barely-there blush is popular in both Thai and Korean makeup.

    The two countries don't have many techniques in common, but they do approach blush the same way. In both countries, blush is applied sparingly—just enough to give a slight flush sans having the color stand out against the natural tones of the face. In fact, the techniques are so similar that Da-Ram's makeup artist used a blush from the Korean brand 3CE!

  4. Thai-style eyebrows are drawn meticulously.

    Unlike the natural and soft style often seen in Korean makeup, eyebrows in Thai makeup used in television and special events are drawn meticulously to have a perfect shape that's darker on the tail. After filling in the brows with a brush, artists draw on individual "hairs" with an eyebrow pen to score a fluffy effect that looks more natural.

  5. Winged eyeliner is done differently in the two countries.

    Da Ram pointed out that because they're doing Thai makeup, they drew winged eyeliner horizontally since it looks more flattering for the wide, almond eye shapes of most Southeast Asians. This is different from the "puppy eyeliner" style in Korea, where they draw the eyeliner downwards for a youthful look.

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Watch the full video below to see her full transformation!

Korean girl gets Thai makeup