Kylie Jenner Is About To Start Making Highlighters

Kylighters, duh.
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It appears as though the enterprising Kylie Jenner is working on a range of highlighters to add to her Kylie Cosmetics line.

Teen Vogue did some digging around on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, as one does, and found that on June 23, Kylie filed a trademark for "Kylighter," not to be confused with another product she makes, Kyliner.

If you have any doubt that this could be referring to highlighter makeup, the description of the trademark reads as follows:

Cosmetics; face and body highlighter cosmetics; cosmetic brushes; Make-up kits comprised of highlighter cosmetics and cosmetic brushes

You guys! Can you even? I'm actually shocked it's taken this long for Kylie to put highlighters out—especially since I couldn't even tell you the last time I saw her in a photo without wearing any.

As for how this whole highlighter-naming thing went down, here's what I imagine happened: One day this summer, Kylie was chillin' with her friend Jordy, playing around with her makeup line. While they were making arm swatches, Kylie thought of a brilliant moniker for a highlighter collection if she ever chose to make one: Kylighters. And since Kylie is a smart girl, she probs went and got it trademarked that day because that name is pure genius. 

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Now, the question is, will she ever actually grace the world with Kylighters? You can't be sure, but just in case she does decide to expand her empire one day, now you know what her highlighters will be called.

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And since Kylie is known to wear her products out and about while testing them, has she been secretly flaunting them without anyone knowing? While you think that over, here are recent photos of Kylie where her highlighter looks especially lit. Just saying.

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