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Kylie Jenner's Next Beauty Collab Is With Stormi And We're Beyond Excited

This is just adorable!!!
PHOTO: Instagram/kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner is collaborating with her one-year-old daughter Stormi on her next Kylie Cosmetics collection. We repeat: Kylie is collaborating with adorable little Stormi on her next beauty line! Must. Stay. Calm.

Kylie is wasting no time at all in returning to work after the festive period, as she has already teased the line which will be released in time for Valentine's Day. And fans are going wild, obviously.

In the photo which she posted to her Instagram, Stormi is seen giving her mum a little helping hand.

The one-year-old is leaning over the table, looking at mock-ups for the Valentine's Day collection. There's a lilac box in front of her which is adorned with butterflies and bold "Stormi" lettering.

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The photo was also shared in the Kylie Cosmetics' Instagram, where the caption states that this is the brand's first collab of 2020.

Although it's not yet clear what exactly the collection will entail, we did spot a glimpse of a nine-pan palette in the snap. It looks to be made up of coral-hued blusher shades and boasts the same pretty butterfly packaging.

This butterfly motif which is splashed across the packaging seems pretty fitting, as Stormi's mum and dad both have matching butterfly tattoos. It's safe to say the collection is set to be pretty colorful.

The Valentine's Day collection also comes at an ideal time, since Stormi's birthday is on February 1.

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Of course, Kylie's followers went wild in the comments the second she posted the photo. One user wrote: "I’ll take 10" while another follower commented: " Take all my money!"

Oh, and her older sister Khloe commented: "Cutest."

This may be Stormi's first time getting in on the family business, but Kylie is no stranger to looking towards her family members for inspiration.

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She has previously teamed with sisters Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardashian on singular makeup collections and with mum Kris Jenner for a Mother’s Day collection in 2018.

This latest announcement comes after Kylie came under fire for buying extravagant Christmas gifts for Stormi.

On Christmas Day, she uploaded a photo to her Instagram story of Stormi wearing a diamond ring. She later removed the photo, but not before fans had a chance to call her out.

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One user wrote: "I’m sorry but it is so f*****g ridiculous that Kylie got Stormi, a two-year-old, a DIAMOND RING for Christmas. I know people work for their money, but that money could have gone to putting food in someone’s body, paying for medical bills, or planting trees."

Whatever she chooses to buy her daughter at Christmas is her choice, but we're pretty darn excited that she's collaborating with her so soon. Race you to the checkout...


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