The Newest Kylie Lip Kit Shades Are So Pretty, You’ll Want All Of Them

These hues are right up our alley.

When Kylie Jenner said she had tons of surprises up her sleeve for fans of her Lip Kits, she wasn’t kidding. Since her *~formal~* announcement on Instagram—where else, of course—she’s released blue and black matte liquid lipsticks, gloss versions of some of the most popular shades of her matte liquid lipsticks, and has even made it possible for people to purchase single liquid lipsticks or lip liners.

For her latest surprise, Kylie revealed the three new additions to her matte liquid lipstick collection, just in time for summer in the US. World, meet Kristen, Maliboo, and Ginger:


Kylie says this one’s a “beautiful strawberry matte.”


A cool-toned nude that “stands out strongly from the other nudes” in Kylie’s collection.


Kylie claims this one’s one of her faves—and ours, too! Such a pretty hue!

Aren’t all these shades so pretty? We love our pink and nude lippies, so we’re totally into these. Kristen and Maliboo will be available on July 20, while Ginger will drop on July 22. Mark your calendars, ladies!

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